Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Character Description

Physical Description
Character Traits
Blue Green Eyes
Favourite colour is green
Wears short and dressy tshirts
Mum knows best
Culture aspects
All about sport  
Loves Sport
Pretty Casual
Always about
Has 3 awesome children
Likes the brand adidas (nike is better)
Teachs a year 4,5,6 class
Very Busy

WALT choose words that give the reader a vivid picture in their head
Purpose: To Entertain
Text Type: Character Description
My Writing Goal: Write a variety of simple, compound and complex sentences correctly.
Success Criteria:
  • Shows physical description
  • Shows character traits and actions
  • Organised into correct sentences and paragraphs - intro / physical / traits
  • Strong nouns, verbs and adjectives
  • Uses a good simile and can use other language features effectively
  • Has an entertaining anecdote (little story that happened) about the character
Do you have a mum as awesome as mine? Well my mum has great knowledge about sport, and is so competitive that we still have to race down the street to see who’s faster, I mean we already know who’s going to win (me). She has a great sense of humour and is always supportive. Most of the time mum is very organised, and always knows best. It’s wonderful to have a mum like mine.

My mum has a great personality and is always a kind loving person. Did you know she is a black belt in karate, so if she says you better watch out, you better watch out. My mum is a multi talented woman and shines wherever she goes.

My mum’s eyes are bluey greenie just like the glistening water, she always has a spark in her eye that lights up her face. My mum is as tan as milk chocolate slowly melting in the hot air. Her hair is brown with streaks of gold that sways around when she walks. She wears a variety of clothing but loves shorts and dressy shirts. Another thing is that she loves the brand Adidas and wears her sneakers a majority of the week.

You can say she has a great passion for teaching and is very good at it too. My mum has a very well known knowledge of Te reo and likes to join in on other celebrations too. Being a mum of 3 means she is always out and about. Lets keep it between me and you but man she can be embarrassing sometimes, have you seen the way she smooches me on the cheek in front of my friends? And although she does that, it’s a pleasure to have a mum like mine.



  1. Although you said I canbe embarrassing, you brought a tear to my eye bubba. I love you more than you know and it is a pleasure to be your mum!! I will always try to do my best. So proud of you xx

  2. Nice way to describe your mum Kiana I agree with the supportive part.