Friday, 13 November 2015

Kiana Super Reading

This week we have been working on this task, I have enjoyed ding this because last week I just finished the book The Last Herrick Secret read more to find out.

Choose the book of your choice! Fiction or nonfiction. Put title and author below.
Title: The Last Herrick Secret Author: Adele Broadbent

Create a reading comprehension quiz for your book.
Before you do this quiz make sure you have read the book.

Five favourite words - choose five interesting words from the book. Write the sentence in which each word is used and the meaning of the word.

Summarising - write a quick summary of your book.
Isaiah and Becs have finally arrived in the city. Well attending Marshton High Becs family believe there is someone wanting to meet her. Isaiah and his family have been cursed by a special man in their family, as they buried someone on Herrick's land. Tony and Mark decide to go back to the country but well sorting out the family issues they could all lose Herrick house.  Read More to find out.

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